How to Teach Biophilia

The Biophilia Educational Project aims to inspire children to explore their own creativity, and to learn about music, nature and science through new technologies. The project has thus far mainly been aimed at children aged 10-12 years, and the programme is based on Björk’s Biophilia app suite of music and interactive, educational artefacts.

Students learn through hands-on participation, composition and collaboration. Participants acquire the skills to develop their musical imagination, and to make music in an impulsive and responsive way, inspired by structures and phenomena in the natural world.

Each app has its own theme (in connection with a corresponding song) and combines a natural element with a musicological feature. The layers of content in each feature include: an interactive game based on the song’s scientific and musical subject matter; a musical animation of the song; an animated score; lyrics; and an academic essay.

Anyone is welcome to use the Biophilia educational guidelines/material. Enter the world of Biophilia by browsing the menu on the left.

Listen, learn and create!