In 2011 Björk released Biophilia, a multi-media project comprising a studio album, an app album for ipad & android, a live tour featuring custom-made instruments and educational workshops. The app album was the first of its kind – a fully interactive and educational entity to accompany the album, where each song is represented by its own touchscreen app. Each app takes one key feature of music theory (chords, scales, counterpoint etc.) and pairs it with a corresponding scientific phenomenon.

The Icelandic model for the Biophilia Educational Project was developed in 2011 during Björk’s Biophilia Recidency in Iceland. Over sixty Reykjavík grade school students attended the first Biophilia workshops in the Harpa music hall, under the supervision of Reykjavík school teachers and scientists from the University of Iceland.

Since then this model, developed by Björk, Reykjavík City and the University of Iceland, has toured the world and inspired children from Buenos Aires to New York to Tokyo.

The Icelandic Ministry for Education, Science and Culture made the Biophilia Educational Project one of its focus points during its 2014 presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project was implemented and developed in all the Nordic countries from 2014 to 2016.