A Key to the Texts For the Song Apps

Learnteach will provide a few short texts for each songapp. The texts provide theoretical background and suggestions for teaching activities. These are the types:

  • A question that opens up the area which the songapp in play will deal with. These questions will mostly be personal and general at the same time, open and philosophical, yet accurate and obvious.
  • Musical idea. For all the songapps there will be one of these, sometimes more.
  • Natural phenomena and scientific theories that apply, for almost all the songapps there will be one of these, sometimes more.
  • Human, emotional, psychological themes for the songapp.
  • Connections. Some obvious, and maybe less obvious, connections between musical and natural, and possibly the human ideas in the songapp in question teased out.
  • Connections of the songapp in question with other songapps and overreaching themes of Biophilia.
  • Activities: experiments, projects etc. For every songapp a few of these will be provided. Here there are suggestions for methods and approaches that have been tried and tested.
  • Out there: More complex undertakings, for those who want to delve deeper into the songapp dealt with, that have extra time or facilities to take things to the next level.

Samples. These are links to useful material connected to the songapp’s themes online.

  • Science sample.
  • Musical Sample.
  • Activity Sample.
  • Human Sample.


For each song a link to an app tutorial is provided, and here‘s a general overview for all the apps, by the programmer Scott Snibbe: