Biophilia Educational Program


Biophilia Toolkit starts traveling to Reykjavik City Schools

An impressive flight case arrived today at City of Reykjavík’s Ministry of Education. A neat and compact design overseen by Arnfríður Sólrún Valdimarsdóttir, it includes 20 iPads loaded with Biophilia app suites, 10 boxes of teaching ideas for the themes based on each song of the Biophilia album, 10 DVDs with especially produced presentations with scientists from the University of Iceland, a Van Der Graaf-generator, a USB microscope, as well as various other stuff ideal for hands-on science experiments, audio interfaces for recording the music creations of the children, headphones, splitter jacks, chargers and such; in short, a complete mobile set to run Biophilia Educational Program workshops around the city. Arnfríður even thought of adapting the weight balance of the heavy flight case to the female physique, due to the cast majority of Reykjavík’s teachers being women.

The Biophilia Educational Program Toolkit will journey through Reykjavik’s middle schools. Over the next three years all of Reykjavík’s thirty-six schools will be offered the chance to use the Biophilia Toolkit to teach music and science. The first stop will be Foldaskóli in the Gravarvogur suburb, and the kit will be made available to five schools this fall.

To be eligible for access to the Biophilia Toolkit, music and science teachers can attend a course on the Biophilia Educational Program in the beginning of the semester, with the details of the program’s unconventional interdisciplinary approach conveyed from one group of teachers to the next. The same group of teachers that took part in the workshops during the Biophilia residency in Iceland a little under a year ago have since shaped the Biophilia Toolkit’s content to fit the curriculum of Reykjavik City’s schools.